Best Astrologer in mohali or Best astrologer in Chandigrah Consult Pandit C L Sharma

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The building that is constructed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra offers maximum benefits to its residents. The word Vastu is a substratum of the word Vaas or to live. Each direction (East, West, South and North) has a specific significance, rules and influences. Likewise, as per Hindu belief every living as well as non-living being consists varying degrees of Pancha Maha Bhoot or the 5 basic elements namely earth, fire, water, ether and air. Vastu Shastra instructs on maintaining the harmonious balance of these 5 elements in the building and helps in maximizing the physical and mental energy of their inhabitants. PanditC L Sharma not only helps you to minimize the negative effects with minimum reconstruction but also helps you with a number of other techniques like Feng Shui and other holistic Vastu remedies that are more practical and hassle free


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